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Relazione della giudice Mrs Heather Morss sul Raduno di Treggiaia (PI)

  • 22 October 2012
  • Author: Segreteria RCI
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It was with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation to judge Golden Retrievers at the RCI show this October. The organisation and hospitality was exceptional, and I was made to feel most welcome. My thanks go to the committee and of course the exhibitors for my wonderful entry of 109 it was an honour to judge your dogs. 

On the Saturday afternoon, we watched with great interest the Open Field Trial. I work my Goldens here in the UK, so this particular discipline is close to my heart. The trial was run slightly differently than here in the UK, the biggest difference being the number of birds brought down. In the UK a drive would usually result in about 30 birds being shot, after which the judges would choose which bird they wanted picked. They would then move onto another drive, where more birds were brought down and selection was made over fresh ground. (The estate dogs would then pick the remaining birds). It is difficult to say the least to get your dog to run past one bird, to pick one further away that the judge has selected for you. So from that point of view I think the degree of difficulty is far harder here in the UK. Saying that, running retrievers in Field Trials is to be encouraged, and all breeders can benefit from watching dogs work to the gun, the understanding of what is required in this discipline can only help with their breeding decisions. Fit for purpose should be the mantra of all retriever breeders, even if they feel they can't compete themselves in trials or working tests. 

On the day of the show, I was delighted to be taken to a most wonderful venue. Flat ground, enough trees to provide shade for dogs if the weather should turn hot, and cover should it prove to be wet. We actually experienced all weathers that day, fortunately the rain did not last for long nor did it stop the judging. I think we were very lucky with that, it was sunny most of the time. 

The quality of the Golden Retrievers was very good. Presentation and showing ability was generally excellent. The temperament of the dogs was as it should be, and I hope my decisions were taken in good heart. Generally speaking, I found very many beautiful heads, especially in the bitch entry. My biggest disappointment was the lack of forehand angulation. An upper arm of equal length to the shoulder blade should place the front legs well under the body. I hope my exhibitors understand the importance of this breed characteristic and use males that can introduce this into their stock. 

I wish the club and its members all the very best for their future. Thank you for inviting me. 

Best regards Heather Morss
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